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Gayla Davis of Skin Couture Owasso

People in Owasso with overgrown eyebrows and in need of a way to relax after spending too much time at home during the COVID-19 shutdown celebrated the phased reopening of many businesses this May. 

It is not just customers excited to back to their weekly beauty routines, local facialist, and owner of Skin Couture, Gayla Davis is happy to back at work. 

After being under quarantine for the entirety of April, many independent business owners in Owasso are opening their doors to the clients who’ve missed them. 

However,  business is not the same as usual by any means given the new sanitation standards put in place. Social distancing and extreme cleaning are required by the Owasso board to keep the public safe. Masks are a must for not only employees but clients who wish to receive a facial. 

When doing facial waxes the client is required to wear a mask unless it is in the way. Even then the facialist will be wearing her own. This means if you are looking to get a full facial then you will not be required to have a mask. Davis also mentioned that if you do not have a mask to use, then she will give you a small towel to place over your nose and mouth. 

“I will be adding extra time between patients and only one person is allowed in the room at a time,” Said Davis when asked about her new policies. 

The time buffer will limit the number of clients she sees daily and gives her extra time to clean the room between each person. 

“I feel like we are not making too many changes. We are trained for this, keeping everything clean. I sterilize everything.” 

While she was still able to find a way to help out her usual regulars; by dropping off facial packages filled with sheet masks, enzyme peels, moisturizers, and serums on their doorsteps. Davis is happy to see her clients, who she is already so close to, again.

“When I went back into my treatment room to get ready for clients, with all the sanitation, and beauticians are trained in sanitation, but when I got back into my treatment room I started feeling like I was home.” 

Davis, like many other workers in Owasso, has been grateful for the decision to slowly reopen the town. While a slow process, it is necessary to make sure both workers and customers are safe while going back to their normal routines.

You can start booking in your beauty treatments in Owasso Oklahoma, but you may have to wait in your car until your appointment and leave the children at home. If you’re interested in visiting a local facialist who is open at this time, check out Skin Couture. 

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